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Corporate Financial Services

Finance (leases, installments, payment consignment, loans)

ORIX offers services to support corporate customers’ capital expenditure, from assets such as ICT equipment, store equipment, and machinery through to software and construction expenses. We also provide funding tailored to customers’ needs, such as loans for purchasing rental real estate properties and for conducting M&A.

Asset-based Lending in Partnerships with Financial Institutions

ORIX is expanding financial services that capitalize on its expertise in credit and collateral valuation know-how through business partnerships with financial institutions across Japan in the areas of guarantees for asset-based lending and unsecured loans.

Rental, Sales and Other Services

ORIX’s lineup of rental equipment numbers over 2.2 million units spanning over 34,000 types of equipment, including measurement equipment, scientific and environmental analysis equipment, ICT equipment, and medical equipment. ORIX rents this equipment with flexible rental periods depending on the way the equipment is used. ORIX also utilizes the technical skill it has developed through the sale and rental of various kinds of equipment to offer engineering services including calibration, measurement, and contract testing, thereby providing optimal overall support for corporate assets.

Life Insurance, Non-life Insurance and Corporate Pension Consultation Services

Management faces a range of risk management issues including business security in the event of an emergency, executive retirement reserve levels and business succession measures. Management also faces social welfare issues such as setting up and administering a corporate pension system. ORIX proposes the optimum solutions to these issues.

B2B Transaction Solutions

ORIX provides a range of payment settlement services for customers and their business partners such as reducing promissory notes, sales collection services for commercial stores, or factoring of accounts receivables.

Business Investment Solutions

ORIX's aim is to help its customers develop their business and increase corporate value by providing not only optimum funding for customers’ medium- and long-term growth, but also hands-on support utilizing the ORIX Group’s expertise and business infrastructure to meet various needs that range from planning and implementing business and management strategies procure and manage funds and hedging risk.

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Automobile-related Services

Automobile Leasing and Management Services

ORIX operates over 1.6million vehicles under management. The Group offers optimal services in combination with vehicle leases to meet customers’ increasingly specialized and sophisticated needs.

Car Rental

ORIX manages the second largest fleet of rental cars in the industry in Japan, with over 67,000 cars at about 1,000 locations nationwide. The fleet includes a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers, ranging from compact cars, to luxury imported cars and trucks. ORIX is also introducing hybrid cars and electric vehicles to develop services that are environmentally friendly.

Car Sharing

Car sharing allows sharing of multiple vehicles between many people. The service can be used from minimum of 30-minute and extended by 15-minnute intervals whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In comparison to customers owning their own company cars, using this service allows customers to not only reduce vehicle purchase costs but also expenses such as parking fees, vehicle maintenance costs, insurance premium and costs of fuels, as well as vehicle management-related administrative work.

U-car (Used Car) Lease and Sales

To enable customers to make use of used cars more readily and with greater confidence, ORIX offers a "One Price Used Car Lease," that allows customers a choice of fixed pricing plans for each product and category. In addition, ORIX sells cars that have been used in leasing or rental services, along with customers’ used cars, to corporate and individual buyers at its own auction grounds at 9 locations(including satellite sites) throughout Japan. Among these, used cars that meet ORIX’s own proprietary quality standards are sold as "ORIX Certified Used Cars."

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Real Estate-related Services

Residential Development

ORIX develops condominiums and detached housing primarily under the "Lions Mansions" and "Sanctus" brand.

Real Estate Investment

ORIX invests in, develops, leases and provides asset management services for different types of real estate such as offices, commercial facilities and logistics centers.

Facilities Operation

ORIX operates a diverse range of facilities such as hotels, Japanese inns and aquariums.

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Environment and Energy Services

Power Generation (Renewable Energy)

ORIX is involved in an extensive power generation business using renewable sources such as solar, biomass, geothermal, and wind.

Electric Power Supply

ORIX offers services that provide affordable electric power for business operators’ factories, office buildings and other facilities.

Energy Conservation

Identifying each customer’s energy consumption pattern, ORIX supports them with energy saving services and demand-response services to reduce their CO2 emissions and energy costs.

Resources and Waste Processing Business

ORIX has leveraged its leasing expertise to construct a network that allows it to offer integrated support for recovering waste products, and then preparing it for reuse, recycling, or proper waste disposal. This network is made available to customers in the form of Nationwide Recycling System. Through a PFI project in association with Saitama Prefecture, ORIX operates a sophisticated waste processing facility with one of the largest processing capacities in Japan. Meanwhile, ORIX also has a metal recycling business that operates an intermediate metals waste processing facility in Chiba Prefecture.

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Bank, Life Insurance and Retail Financial Services


ORIX Bank Corporation aims to meet the needs of its customers through flexible response and attractive products by capitalizing on its strengths in niche areas, instead of seeking to provide comprehensive services.

Life Insurance

ORIX Life Insurance Corporation responds to customers’ needs by providing simple, easy-to-understand insurance products with affordable premiums.

Card Loans

ORIX Credit Corporation provides a wide range of unique products such as the VIP Loan Card, with reasonable interest rates and flexible usage, Cardless VIP for Internet transactions. Furthermore, ORIX Bank provides the ORIX Bank Card Loan, which features an extensive range of interest rates and loan limits.

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Overseas Financial Services

Financial Services Through Overseas Group Companies

While firmly maintaining the basic principle for overseas business of "Localization and Partnership”,"overseas group companies that are well versed in the commercial practices, laws, and regulations in each country provide various financial services to local businesses and Japanese companies. They cover a wide spectrum of needs that include machine and equipment leasing, automobile leasing, installment, loans and rental, as well as providing finance when customers sell their products overseas.
Additional functions include providing market research, assisting plan for business strategies, and other consulting services, thereby providing effective support to customers seeking to enter international markets.

Business Development, Investment and with Business Partners Overseas

ORIX conducts business development and investment operations that make use of our diverse networks,mainly focusing on emerging countries such as those in Asia. In addition, in Europe and the U.S., we are involved in corporate finance, investment in marketable securities, M&A, advisory, servicing,and asset management-all fields where we provide various products and services that capitalize on a high level of expertise.

Aircraft and Ship Investment

ORIX provides aircraft operating leases to airline companies around the world. Using the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over more than 20 years, we provide a range of aircraft-lease investment services to customers who are interested in aircraft investment, from contract procedures through to management during the contract, and divestment activities.
We also have bulk carriers that transport grain, coal, iron ore and other cargoes, which we use to operate a ship investment business for chartering ships to ocean transport companies in and out of Japan.

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Other Businesses


Concessions are contracts that allow private entities the right to operate public facilities that collect utility charges, such as airports, roads, or water and sewer services, while the facilities remain owned by the public domain. The Japanese government has been promoting concessions in the push towards robust economic activity and strengthening of public finances, and ORIX has been increasing engagement in this field.
The ORIX Group's first concession entails operations at Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport (Itami) in Japan's first full-scale operation of a public airport by a private entity. From April 2018, the venture we have taken over operations at Kobe Airport and focus on the inclusive management of airports in the Kansai area. ORIX is jointly participating with French airport operator VINCI Airports in this endeavor, and both companies strive to make full use of their know-how to operate airports that will impress the world.
Also from April 2018, the ORIX Group implemented a contract for the Hamamatsu City Public Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Seien area. The operating company is Hamamatsu Water Symphony K.K. (HWS), established with the Japanese subsidiary of the French company Veolia at its core.


ORIX is partnering with businesses throughout Japan and developing vegetable production projects.
We aim to sell products with "four fixed factors" (fixed price, fixed quality, fixed timing, and fixed quantities), utilizing technologies, which include environmental control of factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and light as well as hydroponics.
The vegetables are sold in stable supply to retailers and food service industry clients, mainly in the Greater Tokyo, Chubu, and Kansai areas, by leveraging the ORIX Group's sales network.
Through ORIX Food Supply Corporation, the ORIX Group engages in the purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables produced by affiliates, in addition to the vegetables produced by our company. To expand our sales network, we have entered into a capital tie-up with Farmind Corporation, which is building a distribution network for produce across Japan.

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* Unless otherwise indicated,the figures on this website are based on data as of March 31, 2021

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