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Multinational boutique enterprise Multinational boutique enterprise

A Dynamic and Diversified Business Portfolio

Capitalizing on Boundless Opportunity
Throughout the World

Since its founding in 1964, ORIX has developed a dynamic and diversified portfolio offering a broad range of services. ORIX is a leader in numerous domains including leasing, financing, investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, automobile-related services, real estate, environment and energy services.

These businesses are inter-related and have their own strengths. By sharing of information and customer base of these diverse range of businesses, synergistic effects can be achieved.

Leveraging From the Known

Our Methodology -
Expanding Into Neighboring Areas

ORIX has its roots in leasing. Leasing requires expertise in fin ance and assets. Expertise in finance led to development of domains such as lending, investment, life insurance, banking and asset management businesses. Expertise in assets was leveraged for automobile-related, real estate and environment and energy-related businesses.

Our Methodology - Expanding Into Neighboring Areas

Social Responsibility

Contributing to Society through Our Businesses

ORIX contributes to creating vibrant societies through its diverse business activities. ORIX seeks to create new products and markets to respond to the ever-changing needs of society. By actively engaging with social issues, we will continue to offer values that only ORIX can provide.

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    ORIX is committed to sustainable growth through efficient use of energy and recycling in business, fostering strong community relations, and helping to strengthen societies from the local level.

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  • Who We Are

    ORIX is a dynamic and diversified enterprise offering a broad range of services. With its rich history and worldwide operations, ORIX is a leader in numerous domains.

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Case Study

Have a Nice Flight!

ORIX, ORIX Aviation Systems
Have a Nice Flight!

ORIX is engaged in aircraft leasing, aviation asset management, and airport concession operations.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

ORIX produces renewable energy through solar paneling and biomass recycling.


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