Corporate Philosophy

ORIX is constantly anticipating market needs and working to contribute to society by developing leading financial services on a global scale and striving to offer innovative products that create new value for customers.

Management Policy

  1. ORIX strives to meet the diverse needs of its customers and to deepen trust by constantly providing superior services.
  2. ORIX aims to strengthen its base of operations and achieve sustained growth by integrating its resources to promote synergies amongst different units.
  3. ORIX makes efforts to develop a corporate culture that shares a sense of fulfillment and pride by developing personnel resources through corporate programs and promoting professional development.
  4. ORIX aims to attain stable medium- and long-term growth in shareholder value by implementing these initiatives.

Action Guidelines


Develop the flexibility and foresight to constantly take actions that are creative and innovative.


Enhance ORIX Group strength by actively exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

EC21(Excellent Company 21)

At ORIX, we have defined “EC21” which clarifies “ORIX’s Corporate Vision” as “an Excellent Company in the 21st Century.”

EC21(Excellent Company 21)

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