ORIX Miyauchi Foundation

Each and every one of us
carry societal responsibilities to improve
the overall quality of life in our prosperous society.
to aircraft leasing.

The ORIX Group foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Our efforts to support children from poverty stricken homes and those eating meals in solitude started in Osaka, the home of ORIX Group, and currently spreading to other regions of Japan. We will continue to support individuals and organizations engaged in communal activities such as youth fostering programs.

What We DoWhat We Do

Over 70 years after the war, Japan has grown to be an economic powerhouse, achieving economic wealth. Meanwhile, crime has increased to unbelievable levels. In that sense, we are now faced with a question, how do we define "prosperous society?"

Societal resposibility not only lies with businesses but also with individuals. Individual actions can change society for the better, and businesses will be there to support positive actions.

As a corporation that profits from operations in various societies worldwide, The ORIX Group has established the "ORIX Social Fund" in April 2006 to further act on environmental protection and stewardship, social development, and much more.

The ORIX Group has, and will continue to contribute to a prosperous society, the betterment of life for children and youth, and our very future on which we all depend.

ORIX provides scholarships to children in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. These scholarships pay for the education, uniforms, shoes, school books, bags, and materials needed by children from underprivileged families in the region. Since 2010, ORIX has enabled children to enjoy the benefits of an education which would otherwise be denied them by circumstances.

The ORIX Miyauchi Foundation provides a variety of opportunities for children with disabilities to enrich their lives. Students, parents, teachers and staff from Special Support Educational Institutions are invited to enjoy ORIX Buffaloes baseball games and annual fan events, Sumida and Kyoto Aquariums operated by ORIX Group, and full-orchestra concerts.

Since 2006, The ORIX Miyauchi Foundation has been donating wheelchair accessible cars, which allow wheelchairs users to get in and out of the vehicle with ease, to institutes for physically disabled children every year.

Environmental Preservation

In conjunction with SANGO ORIX and Okiden Kaihatsu, we sponsor coral transplanting and environmental education in Okinawa. The purpose of this is to enable children to understand their natural environment more deeply and to participate firsthand in seabed coral preservation. Seedlings used in the program are actually transplanted into the natural environment.

In fiscal 2018, we held a tree-planting class in Hokkaido, a study session at the Suginoi geothermal power generation facility in Oita Prefecture, and a science learning program focusing on science and nature in Gifu Prefecture.

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